About Us

About Us

Luxairline, a Company specialized in the private transport by business jets, was born from the idea of some entrepreneurs that have been in aviation consulting business for the past 30 years.

Our experience is the result of years of commitment and dedication, in an area where safety, efficiency and reliability play a decisive role and must be faced with preparation and competence.

Luxairline is composed by highly professional team; every day our professionals are committed to ensuring and maintaining the high quality of our services at extremely competitive rates.

Luxairline aims to revolutionize the way of flying allowing everyone to experience the thrill of the business flight by a “Jet Sharing” option: the possibility of reserving one or more shared seats with other people-or of course book the whole flight-on a series of private direct flights towards exclusive locations on prearranged times and prearranged days.

Our offer expands with the proposal of unique European destinations with weekly flights departing on fixed days and times served by several business jets.

Luxairline chooses only aircraft operated under European certification, satisfying rigorous and strict European safety standards as set by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), crew and staff are selected under stringent industry requirements.

On our website www.luxairline.com you will have the opportunity to search, book and fly at unique and competitive prices with beautiful private jets of the latest generation, anywhere and at any time by accessing and consulting the section Your Route.


About us