Start the flight Booking procedure choosing your airport departure and destination.
Possible flight option:

  • Planned Flight
    You can book and pay for a planned Flight. A planned Flight is not yet scheduled, it will be confirmed after booking (not later than 8 days before the departure time).
    You will receive and Information Notice about the Planned Flight You have booked.
    Planned Flight is confirmed -----> Flight Ticket is issued
    Planned Flight is cancelled -----> You have three options:
    1. A - Cancel Your Booking. Fare paid at Booking will be refunded within 72 from cancellation.
    2. B - Pay an additional cost calculated as a difference between the original fare paid and the fare available to confirm the Planned Flight and receive the Flight Ticket.
    3. C - Change the date(s) of departure / arrival.
  • Confirmed Flight.
    A confirmed flight is a confirmed schedule flight.
    You can book available seat on a Confirmed Flight until 2 hours before the departure time. A Flight Ticket will be issued immediately after payment.

Will I be able to change the name of passenger(s) after Booking and confirmation?

You can ask to change one or more names on the Confirmation Document / Flight Ticket by sending an email within 24 hours before departure. We will send You a confirmation of the change and issue a new Flight Ticket(s).

Departure is from General Aviation – Business Flight. Flight crew will wait You at entrance, You will directly proceed to the security check showing your Flight Ticket and passport.

A valid passport is generally accepted. Passengers are responsible to observe any particular passport, customs or health regulations, and any other pertinent laws and regulations of the countries of destination (please check before booking).

Boarding closes 20 minutes before departure. If You are late, Carrier shall be entitled to cancel the flight or fly without You and You will not be entitled to any refund.

All flights operate without allocated seating, You can choose Your seat at the time of boarding.

  • You can carry:
    1. one Hold Baggage with the maximum dimensions of 56x45x25cm with a maximum weigh of 10kg,
    2. one Cabin Baggage as handbag, briefcase and/or laptop bag,
    3. an overcoat, shawl, umbrella or walking stick and one bag of goods purchased after You have cleared the security check.
  • Due to restrictions on available space, Carrier reserves the right to place any Cabin Baggage in the hold if needed.
  • The transportation of larger or heavier pieces of baggage, baby strollers, any sports equipment or musical instruments than above specified will be accepted only if they are of the same size as the hold baggage. Carrier shall refuse to carry any extra-size Baggage.

The transportation of animals is prohibited.

The transportation of hazardous material is prohibited as well as dangerous items.

For a more detailed list of prohibited items please see our Flight Terms and Conditions.

Expectant mothers will be carried up to 4 weeks before the expected date of delivery without medical certification that the Passenger is fit to travel. Expectant mothers will no longer be carried as from 4 weeks before the expected date of delivery.

If You have any doubts about Your suitability to fly or if You have had any complications while pregnant please speak to Your doctor before booking your flights.

If You need special assistance You have to send us an advanced request before Booking